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Central African Republic (CAR)

The CAR is one of Africa’s least developed nations, but this opens up an opportunity to explore wildernesses which few others have set foot in. Most of the terrain in this landlocked central African country consists of wide Sudano-Guinean savannahs, with significant areas of equatorial rainforest in the south.

On the country’s southernmost borders, the Dzanga-Sangha National Park is a World Heritage Site which offers opportunities to view seldom-seen wildlife such as forest elephants, which are attracted to the Bais, mineral rich clearings in the rainforest. Bisected by the Sangha River, the Park is a sanctuary for other emblematic Congo Basin wildlife, including western lowland gorillas, forest buffalos, bongo antelope and a multitude of rare bird species.

Join the incredible people of the ancient Pygmy cultures on an illuminating walk to reveal all of the forest’s secrets.