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Namibia is a sparsely populated, arid country like no other in Africa, largely covered by the Kalahari and Namib Deserts. The Namib is the oldest desert on earth, boasting unique desert-adapted wildlife, otherworldly plants such as the Welwitschia and some of the world’s highest sand dunes – including the 325 metre high Big Daddy dune in the rolling red sands of Sossusvlei.

To the west, the isolated Atlantic Ocean coastline offers opportunities for incredible marine wildlife encounters, while the Etosha National Park in the north is the best big-game viewing destination in the country.

Namibia is a country of great scenic beauty, unrivalled solitude and fascinating cultures such as the Himba.


Sossusvlei’s giant red sand dunes, desert wildlife, hot air ballooning and unique Sesriem Canyon.

Damaraland’s rugged landscapes, desert-adapted elephants and possibilities of black rhino sightings.

The Skeleton Coast with its wild Atlantic coastline, fur seals, desert animals such as brown hyena, and colourful Himba communities.

The Etosha National Park and its huge salt pans, large elephant and lion populations, 112 other mammal species and 340 bird species. Bordering the Park, the Ongava Tented Camp offers luxury tented accommodation in a beautiful reserve with both white and black rhino, amongst other game.