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The safari industry in southern Africa really began to take off in the early 70s, when private land-owners on the borders of the great Kruger National Park began opening up their bush camps and land to tourism.  Simple bush camps, crackling camp fires and wholesome home-cooked food provided the backdrop to adventurous game drives and bush walks in big game country.

Since those early days the safari industry has exploded and with this growth has come a change in emphasis from the wildlife to the “hotel” experience, with huge prominence being placed on high standards of food, wine cellars, super-luxurious accommodation, spas and gymnasiums and other luxuries which can be found in top class hotels throughout the world.

We believe that this detracts from the real reason for being in the bush, particularly when strict scheduling means that guests often miss out on some extraordinary wildlife experiences. We allow nature to dictate the length and locality of our activities, for example, staying with a pride of lions whilst hunting, and not being pressured to return to camp at a certain pre-dictated time. We prefer to choose areas where guests are able to view animals and their behaviour at length, giving us a deep insight into and understanding of their behaviour patterns, rather than spending a few brief minutes with them.

All our safaris are tailor-made specifically for you and your needs: but always with the underlying philosophy of expansive wilderness, prolific wildlife, experienced and hugely passionate nature guides and fulfilling learning experiences.

To this end we have chosen to represent only those properties and operators which meet certain criteria: small intimate camps, low densities of tourist vehicles, an emphasis on good nature guiding, large wilderness areas and excellent wildlife.  We believe very strongly that we are merely observers in the natural environments that we visit.  We are not there to interfere or interact with the animals and our time is spent observing the natural world around us.  Watching various cycles taking place, trying to understand how things work, learning about plants, insects, reptiles, birds, mammals, fish, weather systems, geological cycles and evolution.

We look forward to hosting you on a REAL African Safari.