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A landlocked country east of Kenya, Uganda doesn’t immediately spring to mind as a safari destination, but most people are unaware of the extraordinary opportunities that this nation offers.

The southern part of Uganda encompasses a large portion of Lake Victoria, with the Nile River flowing through the country from north to south. Great Lakes such as Lake Albert, Lake Kyoga and Lake Edward are all worthwhile visits.

Uganda offers some unique and exceptional national parks, where visitors can do everything from chimp and gorilla trekking (half of the world’s mountain gorilla population can be found in Uganda) to big game viewing, boat trips and cultural experiences, surrounded by some of the most picturesque scenery imaginable and phenomenal birding opportunities.


Murchison Falls National Park, where the River Nile surges over the 43-metre high Murchison Falls, before turning into a placid river attracting a variety of game.

Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park.

The extraordinary diversity of Queen Elizabeth National Park, with lowland forests, crater lakes, wetlands, savannah and gorges. Enjoy boat trips and game drives.

The Bwindi Forest National Park – one of the world’s best places to view mountain gorillas and other forest primates and birds.