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If you’re looking for the quintessential safari experience, then Zambia has it all. Drained by both the Zambezi and Congo River basins, this large landlocked country boasts sweeping plains such as the Barotse Floodplain in the north and Liuwa Plains in the west , wooded and forested plateaus, deep valleys, unspoilt lakes and some of the best game viewing in Africa.

The country shares the majestic Victoria Falls – the largest sheet of falling water in the world – with neighbouring Zimbabwe. The Zambian side has a slightly wilder and more secluded feel, with visitors able to get remarkably close to the falls. In the adjacent areas, the Lower Zambezi River is the lifeblood of southern Zambia, supporting rich wildlife populations.

Take a chartered flight to western Zambia, and you’ll find the Kafue National Park – the oldest and largest of the country’s national parks. Little-known and largely untouched by man, this spectacular park boasts as good a wildlife experience as can be found anywhere else in Africa.

Possibly even more beautiful, South Luangwa in the east – with the Luangwa River as its centrepiece – has been described as one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries on earth, hosting high concentrations of most African big game species.

In the far north, Zambia even touches on the southern end of the beautiful crystal clear waters of Lake Tanganyika.


Victoria Falls, and in particular the jaw-dropping Knife Edge Bridge perched on the edge of the falls.

Kafue National Park, with seasonally flooded ‘Dambos’, the highest ungulate diversity on earth and a variety of big game.

The Lower Zambezi, with its wide open water, superb fishing and water and land-based safaris.

South Luangwa, a park with a dazzling array of wildlife to see on game drives and walking safaris.