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Despite its political problems, Zimbabwe is a safe and welcoming safari destination. This landlocked Southern African country boasts unspoilt wilderness areas across a number of habitats, from open bushveld, to the forested mountains of the Eastern Highlands, lush riverine ecosystems and wetlands.

The jewels in the country’s crown are the Zambezi River and the world wonder that is Victoria Falls – “The Smoke That Thunders”. The Zimbabwean side of the Falls is the perfect viewpoint from which to take a classic photograph of this awe-inspiring natural landmark. But you can also experience different, equally spectacular perspectives by wandering across the bridge into Zambia.

The mighty Zambezi River is an irresistible drawcard for wildlife of all varieties, and hosts hard-fighting fish such as the ferocious tigerfish. In far northern Zimbabwe, Mana Pools is a superb place to explore the river along four huge permanent pools fringed by banks of large trees and wandering game.

On the western side of the country, the 1.4 million hectare Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s most renowned game reserve, supporting around 100 species of mammals.


The magnificent Victoria Falls with its thunderous water, rainbow sprays, and opportunities for bungee jumps and helicopter flips.

Hwange National Park and its diverse variety of habitats, buffalo, lion, African wild dog and elephant populations and seasonal wetlands.

Mana Pools, with its forests of winterthorn trees, mahogany, baobab, fig and ebony trees, rich wildlife and beautiful Zambezi River scenery.